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Kim Lynch Rider Profile

Rider: Kim Lynch
Years Riding:
Desert Class:
Women Expert
Enduro Class:
Women Expert
Bike Make and Size:
Honda CRF250X '05
Scott, Keira and Kylie

Funniest race moment:
I fell on a downhill. I had to go around the back of the bike to get on on the upside of the hill. Right when I was behind the bike, ny bike started rolling down the hill with me holding the back fender. I ski'd behind it for quite a ways!!! Where was Grumpy when you need him!  HA!

What you like about the Rovers:
I love the people. I love the passion everyone has for family, racing and life. Whenever there's a need, either in the club or elsewhere, the Rovers are first to step up and lend a hand. I AM A PROUD MEMBER OF THE ROVERS!!!

Racing Accomplishments:
Finishing several tough 2 loop hare and hounds and enduros. Getting the #2 (No. 1 Ammie) enduro plate 2 years in a row (Amy Hasten was no. 1). Attaining expert status.

Your ultimate goal in racing:
To have fun. I don't compete anymore. I just go out for a trail ride with 400 of my closest friends.

Our Website: Lynch Electric

Kim Lynch Face Shot
Kim Lynch on the line

Kim Lynch on the line


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