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Keira Lynch’s Rider Profile


Rider: Keira Lynch
Height: 5’ 5”
Birth Place: Austin, Texas
Residence: Torrance, California
Family: Scott, Kim and Kylie
Occupation: Bookkeeper/ Part time student
Started Racing: May 2006
Class: C Women
First Race: Dual Euro Scrambles - Red Mtn
First Bike: CRF150R
Present Bike: 2006 CRF250X
Training: Bicycling, trail riding, running
Hobbies: Camping, riding dirt bikes with my husband, & playing with our dogs Sarah and Ruby.
Favorite Food:
Fettuccini Alfredo
Favorite Movie:”Dances with Wolves”
Favorite Music: All music, including classical.
Husband: Nick Blais
Son: Kyle Blais
2006 Race # W247
District 37: Class: C Women

Keira Lynch and her CRF250X racing bike
My Son Kyle Blais
Kyle Blais in the desert
Scruffy Sarah our Dog
Nick Blais and Keira Lynch
Nick Blais and Keira Lynch


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