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Justin Russo’s Rider Profile

    Rider: Justin Russo
    City: Santa Barbara
    Age: 17
    Started Riding in: 2005
    Desert Class: Rescue 3
    Bike Make and Size: 93 Ford Bronco
    Family: Dad: Dave, Mom: Nancy, Brother: Sean, Sister: Allison

    Funniest race moment: We were working on a downed play rider at the limited use area east of North Anderson. He was hurt pretty bad and had a bad head injury.
    While we were getting him packaged up to air lift him, I was talking to him to try to keep him calm. He reaches up and grabs me. He pulled me down close to him and asks "Doc, just tell me how it is, I'm not going to make it, am I?"
    I told him that he was going to be fine, we just needed to get him checked out.
    The he pulls down his buddy and says, "Hey, your the only one here I can trust, the doctors aren't telling me how it is, I'm going to die, aren't I?"
    At that point we all laughed at him. He had a bad concussion, so I'm sure he didn't remember it a minute later, but he gave us a good laugh.

    What you like about the Rovers: They are the best people in the desert!

    Racing Accomplishments: Beating Dawgcatcher to every call.

    Your ultimate goal in racing: Have fun and pick up girls. Once I get some cash together, start racing bikes again.

Justin Russo at 100's National
Justin Russo at Rovers with a friend
Justin Russo's Truck


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